Tutorial Maintain Your Existing Facebook Fan Page In A Consistent Basis


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Hello again guys!

I am here to share another tutorial that might brighten your eyes for a bit. Without further ado, this tutorial is all about maintaining your reputation on your existing Facebook fan page. This tutorial is actually directed to those people who are having an existing Facebook fan page with lots of likes and follows, but having troubles or issues in maintaining them.

Do you have an existing Facebook fan page with decent number of likes and follows but wasn't maintained well in a consistent basis? If that's so, let me ask you a question.

Are you confused right now? Yes or no

Confused in what?

It seems that you are confused on what sort of ideas that you should do in order to consistently maintain your Facebook fan page, right? If that's the case, this is the right thread for you, and I am doing my best to help you sort out this problem. Don't worry guys, I understand how you feel because I felt the same way before. You are not alone with this problem, there are many of us who are experiencing this one. But all we need to do is not focusing on the problem, but always focus on the solution to make a difference in our Facebook fan pages.

Anyways, let's get started to learn about this tutorial of mine. Shall we begin?

1. Make sure that you fill in all details needed for your Facebook fan page

Before you proceed with the next ones, you should be prioritizing this one first if you haven't done it yet. However, if you have already completed this one, just skip this step. But for those who haven't, I can tell you how much important it is for us to complete all of our Facebook fan page details first. In this way, people will know that you are indeed legitimate and credible. There are still some Facebook fan pages with incomplete details, in which real fans are starting to doubt about it and may unlike the page. So again, before anything else, complete the necessary details on your profile first on your Facebook fan page.

2. Post relevant and engaging content to increase your value towards fans

If you have completed the first one, it is time to proceed with this step. Your goal for maintaining your Facebook fan page is simply build relationships and trust to your fans by posting relevant and engaging content to them. Don't just post boring with articles or such, but rather think outside of the box and share videos or something viral that is related to the niche of your Facebook fan page. I can tell you that once we do natural posts at most times that can be appealing towards the eyes of the fans, for sure they will engage, like and share it to their own timeline. How cool is that, huh? As a result, you are giving value to your audience and you'll benefit from them in the long run. Make a habit of updating at least once or few times a day.

3. Never advertise too much

Of course, we all need to make money with our products and services, right? But I must tell you that we should not bombard our beautiful Facebook fan page with niche ads or so. As a result, you are not giving value towards the fans. You know that one source with full of ads are annoying, right? I would strongly suggest that you should advertise at least once every few engaging posts that you have to make it look natural and friendly to the fans. Once you are doing that, you might not know that somebody is already checking out the one you advertise.

4. Give freebies from time to time

This is one of the most powerful and effective ways for you to maintain your existing Facebook fan page, and that is to giveaway freebies or stuff. We don't just keep selling, but we should learn how to give. But how are we going to do that anyway? Like for example, in an internet marketing niche, you can simply download a PLR eBook with giveaway rights, and share it to your page. You can also giveaway free information that was really needed and important for the fans. Giving freebies is already giving value towards your fans. Try create a habit of sending your fans one freebie at least once a week.

I would also like to share this interesting video on how she gets 50 new fans a week on her Facebook fan page. Her secret will be revealed once you watched the whole video.

Here's the video that I wanted you to see:

I hope I have shared something useful to you as a Facebook marketer, especially if you are having issues in maintaining your existing Facebook fan page. Just remember that value always comes first before we start seeing results that we wanted. Don't forget to share this to your friends who are having problems in maintaining their respective Facebook fan pages.

To your Facebook marketing success!​


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If you want your ideal customers to like your page and follow you, you have to continually reward them with great content and build an engaged community for them. This in turn keeps them returning to your page frequently & they start loving your brand & give you more value.


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If you want your ideal customers to like your page and follow you, you have to continually reward them with great content and build an engaged community for them. This in turn keeps them returning to your page frequently & they start loving your brand & give you more value.
Yes it is really important for us to have a goal in getting our customers engaged and keep coming back for more. Although that we may get a lot of fans on Facebook, but expect that most of them may just watch and ignore. In the end, they are not converting well due to the fact that we haven't maintained it so much than we ever imagined for good. In addition to maintaining our Facebook fan page on a consistent basis, we should always remember the #2 part, which really matters most.It's great for us to reward our fans with informative and relevant content that they've been looking for.


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In order to gain likes and shares, you have to share useful information. Or if not, at least something funny and enjoyable by the audience or followers. The thing with Facebook is, anything can go viral, video, memes and photos. So take advantage of that, create unique content that's sure to engage your followers and make them share your page or content more.


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The only problem that I encounter when it comes to maintaining my fan page is laziness and lack of time. With a lot of things to do, I almost forgot to update or even check my fan page. The tips that you mentioned are right an correct with those tips we can surely make our fan page well maintained everyday.


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Starting a Facebook fan page is the easy part, maintaining it to a consistent standard is a whole different matter altogether.

One of the main problems people face is time, and while it's good to interact with the people on your page, it's impossible to keep doing that on a regular basis.


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The tips are very helpful in maintaining a good fan page and the thing about social media is the ever changing trends thus, it is also advised that page owners should creatively update their page. Holding contests and comment, like and share promos can also increase the number of viewers in the page.