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In 2006, several thousand internet marketers came into the affiliate marketing scene and made a killing. It was hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales. They sold eBooks, home study courses, coaching programs... everything in the information product world ranging from copywriting to Google Adwords courses, search engine optimization to affiliate marketing and traffic generation strategies (and who can forget list building).
It was a crazy year. A year on, let's look at the hundreds of millions of dollars spent, in relation to the money made. Was it justifiable? Were there more scams than normal?
Our intuition points to the fact that much of the money spent was definitely NOT worthwhile. More often than not, email is not checked, there are countless bytes of junked email simply because people who had subscribed or had an interest in internet marketing are now jaded. They have bought before and they will not buy again. They're not even going to buy the idea that affiliate marketing, the most common and popular approach to making money online, is going to work.
But if each of these people are going to get jaded, where's the money going to come from? Newbies! Now, tons of people claiming to teach newbies affiliate marketing are gate crashing on the industry, sending internet marketing further into the dismal abyss of scams, unfulfilled promises, and definitely no one is going to be able to make money with affiliate marketing.
Well, not unless they know the right sources, of course.
The most obvious solution is to get training, not a miracle. was the site I created to spoil the market. It's been said that some people come over to my site to scrape content in order to sell for profit. Now that's totally wrong, but there's little I can do. All I hope is anyone who is learning from my site can benefit and become part of the dream community of people who are working with each other by improving their expertise in marketing.
If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, invest your time wisely in internet marketing. Join interactive discussion on this site, particularly if you are very new. I have a warm community that doesn't condone blatant advertising, and we work with each other, often on joint ventures.
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