Making websites load faster

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Yahoo's Rules to make web sites load faster:

1. Make Fewer HTTP Requests
2. Reduce DNS Lookups
3. Avoid Redirects
4. Make Ajax Cacheable
5. Post-load Components
6. Preload Components
7. Reduce the number of DOM Elemets
8. Split Components Across Domains
9. Minimize the Number of iframes
10. No 404s

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biggest mistake I see made is people using huge images and not realizing the resolution is high making the files big, and then slowing down page loads.
Also the stupid site rings banners always seem to lag and slow down entire page loads.


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My problem with these rules was the following. The linked websites give directives how to build a fast website, but not really give any clue where to find those technical solutions which will help to boost a certain websites. I downloaded Yahoo! slow for Firebug, and I followed the instructions. As I remember it took days until I find answers. And need to say that a lot depends on the loaded modules of the Apache software (mod_cache, mod_header...)


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Try using This new way to start a web site without even doing any of the above. Go to Wordpress Direct they will do the rest for you. That too for freee!!!

I am not promoting that site. I am a user there and like using that site a lot so telling people here .

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Their are hundreds of things to go with the list above. True the main thing that slows a site is images which are far larger than needed but their are other smaller things you can do. If your good at coding simple thing's like using div tags instead of tables will speed up the loading of your site. Make sure you don't have any unnecessary loops or code errors. etc.
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