Manual Or Automatic Submission?

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Would you prefer using an automatic directory submission software than manual submission? Some big time webmasters are always opting between hiring link builders to do manual submission or purchasing automatic submission service from some online companies.

How about you guys? Which of them can be more effective and more practical?
Cite your opinion or experience here.


I much prefer manual submission than automatic submission because in manual in my opinion is much effective than automatic submission..


Manual submission will get site quality and more effective links


If any of you are planing to get listed by top directories, then stay away from Automatic Submissions.

Our filters will detect Automatic Submissions and your IP will be blacklisted for good.

So the choice is your either you get 4 backlinks to your site from AMRAY Web Directory
or if you spare 2 minutes and get banned




Manual Submission still


I always recommended to go with manual directory submissions with using different titles and descriptions as this is more effective.I never prefer to go with directory submitter software as our site might get banned.


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for the guaranty of the approval of the link the manual submissin in the appropriate category should be done so manual submission is best for it.


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i also prefer manual submission rather than using automatic submission, more feasible for bringing traffic and make them self a quality back link.


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I always prefer to manual directory submission approval ratio is high than auto directory submission.

that's why i choose manual


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I too prefer manual directory submission because many directories implemented captcha code which you can't do with automated software.Though some software claims to have the ability to read Captcha code, it is best not to use them.Though automated submission can help you to submit to the directories in a short time, it will get your site banned from the search engine. When you attempt to get a lot of links in a short time, the search engine will regard you as a spammer and your site will be penalized.Now a days, directory can easily track submission performed by automated software and your site may be banned by these directories.

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I too prefer manual submission, reason, I have to agree with what fastreplies said. Even if time is pressing you don't refer to automatic.
i will not prefer you to using an automatic directory submission software is have so many bad effect and Manual submissionis a bast way..
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