My 2 Cents Marking money using blogs

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Marking money using blogs

In Romania there is a sort of fever with the blogging and the monetization of the blogging.

I know many of you have professional or personal blogs.

The question

How many of you are making money using blogs ? Paid review, banners, links ?

Or maybe just the simple adsense ?


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Thanks for great suggestion because i' m new for my blog... Nice tips if you have other best ideas please send me PM.


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I started some blog a few weeks ago, I have not monetized them, I am still trying to drive traffic to the blog and think of how best to monetized them.


iam not so familiar making money using blog when i not have much time to online


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it has been several months learning blogs ti make living. at first i use adsense. this is very easy step for whom to make money online


It all depends on what social media that you want to promote or market really.

Most people who write blogs tend to write them as a diary or for personal reasons.

If you want to market a blog in the forms of promoting a product or service you are going to need a lot of content in a variety of mediums in my opinion. Articles, reviews, links + pics a sponsorship you blog has to look professional and credible with a unique point to it before anyone is going to take your blog seriously and consider investing into your service,


Making blog is really a good thing, you can earn money while having fun.


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I have my blogs and I earned money through adsense. Before, I earned $100+ a month but now it's slowing down. It need to build again more backlinks and traffic to make my earnings good.
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