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Three new images of the next Tomb Raider. For mobile phones that is...

International mobile games publisher In-Fusio has announced the immediate launch of the latest chapter in Lara's mobile adventure, Tomb Raider Quest for Cinnabar.

This latest incarnation sees Lara running, jumping, climbing and shooting her way through a variety of levels in order to recover a special, priceless vase.

The game is the second in a planned trilogy and will expand on the success of the first game, which reportedly broke records by achieving over 100,000 downloads in just three months.

"Young people like to have fun with their mobiles and enjoy robustly designed video games for acting out great adventures," explained Matthieu Saint-Denis, game portfolio director at In-Fusio. "There's no better way of doing this than with game/entertainment heroines like Lara Croft.

"The success of the first edition of Tomb Raider has convinced us that we understand gamers' needs and that the quality of the titles is key," he continued. "Our portfolio of games comprises the best titles on the market, giving In-Fusio a great competitive edge and, above all, the ability to satisfy our customers."

If you're up for a bit of mobile Lara action, then here's the list of compatible handsets:
Alcatel OT735
Panasonic GD87
Panasonic X70
Philips Fisio 350
Philips Fisio 530
Philips Fisio 535
Philips 855
Philips 355
Philips 636
Philips 755
Philips Xenium Color
SAGEM myX3-2
I think games on cell phone are really stupid the graphics are such of the old school Super Mario games.
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