MCI has rejected Quest more times than J-Lo has me

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Yellow Belt
3 offers from Qwest, all turned down by MCI

A little sidenote here -
I hate Qwest and see it as one of the few evil corporations in this world
I would rather do business with Satan than Qwest.

This however, I dont understand
"MCI's Board of Directors has chosen to reject what we believe is a superior offer to acquire MCI," Denver-based Qwest said. Qwest had offered US$8.94 billion, or US$27.50 a share. Verizon, the largest US telephone company, agreed last month to pay US$7.51 billion, or US$23.10 a share, sweetening an earlier offer.
Qwest is offering 26% more for the stock ???
What are the board of directors thinking?

They are probably like J-Lo, just playing hard to get
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