My 2 Cents The New Threat Of Google Adsense?


It's Game Time!

Are you still earning with Google Adsense right now? Or are you just one of those people who are banned already by this network? Well for those of you who are still earning with Google Adsense on a consistent basis, I would like to say congratulations to you guys. However, if you are unlucky by getting yourself banned on Google Adsense, the game isn't over for you yet. It's just that you need to learn your lesson on why you are getting disabled with Google Adsense and have a very slim chance to get reinstated. For me, I think there's no chance in hell that I am going to be reinstated for good, and so do you guys.

So what's the point here anyway?

My own point? Oh well, I am glad that you have asked. My point here is that we can't just stick on Google Adsense though, or we can just say that this publisher ad network is the only hope. No it's not. There are other alternatives out there to be honest, and I am going to share some of them that I have experience with them before. One of them is no other than Adbrite. This is my main Google Adsense alternative back then, and I was earning money already until they decided to shut down their services for good last 2013. Other alternatives that I have dealt with are no other than Infolinks, Exoclick and Bidvertiser. All three of them failed to me because I earn very low with them compare to the rates of Google Adsense and Adbrite back then. As a matter of fact, I finally gave up PPC and CPM advertising and focused myself on making money with affiliate marketing.

After a year of inactivity in the affiliate and internet marketing world, I am back again and claiming that I am going to be better than ever, I am trying once again to make money with affiliate marketing, but it seems that it's way challenging than ever. So I was thinking of going back and look for some CPM networks that could possibly generate revenue for my niche sites back then. I found Adhexa, and I think they are pretty decent during that time. But frankly I was disappointed of their rates and decided to remove their ads from my site. Worse of all, they are actually close to being a scam site. Other ones who experienced placing Adhexa ads are not paid for few months. I have seen a publisher who was only paid after 3 months, and it's kinda disappointing for me to deal with them. I also have experience with Propeller Ads, but it seems that it is not working very well for me due that most of my traffic had ad blockers or they didn't finish viewing the ad on time.

Then here comes Media.Net publisher network.....

Is Media.Net the next big thing?

I really can't say though but they claimed to be the biggest competitor of Google Adsense. You know why? It is simply because they are owned by two of the biggest search engines next to Google, which is no other than Yahoo and Bing. I really liked the way they are working together to build a formidable team in forming Media.Net. I have researched this recently on Google about the best ad networks that we can use for our high traffic websites, and I was surprised that is the #2 option. So when I checked the description of Media.Net, I was totally blown away with this one. It is indeed the next big thing in contextual advertising, as they are going to give you features that are kinda mind blowing on my part. They are giving us high revenue for displaying their contextual ads on our respective websites and blogs, and you will be assisted with a reliable account manager once approved. For now, my application is still pending and I hope that I'll be approved by them.

Best of all, you have two payment options to withdraw your earnings. In Google Adsense, you can only receive a check from them. But with Media.Net, you can have Paypal or wire transfer as options, and the minimum payout is only $100. Although there are some who have bad experiences with Media.Net, and others have good experiences, the only way to find out is to try this myself only if I am approved once and for all. For now, I have signed up with RevenueAds and I immediately placed their ads while my Media.Net application is still pending.

If you are banned on Google Adsense already, I suggest you should give Media.Net a shot! :)


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It looks like a good alternative to Google Adsense, this But I wonder if it can coincide with Adsense. I mean can I have a blog having both Adsense and And I also wonder what that bad experience is about Anyway, I think I have to take a look at this because it is promising considering that it is owned by the same company that owns Bing and Yahoo. By the way, it seems that the plan of merging Bing and Yahoo as search engines seemed to have died down.