Microsoft To Add Firefox Support To AdCenter

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The next release of Microsoft AdCenter, the software maker's competitor to Google's services for advertisers, will support the Firefox 1.5 browser, it was reported Tuesday.
The AdCenter upgrade is set to launch on Saturday, the Search Engine Watch blog said, quoting an email Microsoft sent to premium AdCenter customers. Other new features include hourly updates of daily, weekly and monthly ad data.

In addition, advertisers will be able to select the timeframe for ad campaign summaries, and application programming interfaces, or APIs, will be extended to cover more procedure calls, SEW said.

AdCenter is Microsoft's attempt to catch up with Google and Yahoo in the multi-billion-dollar search advertising market. The company launched the service in the United States in May, following months of testing overseas.

AdCenter is an online service where advertisers can buy space across Microsoft's Web properties MSN and Windows Live. The ad platform enables advertisers to purchase display and search ads. The latter is the hottest ad market on the Web.

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Intersting. I checked it out. Sounds pretty cool. I learned something new today.
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