Microsoft Wants to See the iPod Dead. Again.

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It’s no longer a secret that Microsoft goes berserk when someone shows it an iPod, and not necessarily because it wants Windows Media Player to become the MP3 players’ software king, but because more and more of those who get their hands on an iPod are starting to migrate towards Mac OS X, and this phenomenon has become unacceptable for the Redmond company.

So Microsoft has decided to form an alliance with major electronics producers, which are also bothered by iPod’s success, like Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Creative Technology, and together, they will design MP3 players able to compete with iPod.

Erik Huggers, Head of Microsoft Digital Media Division, has threatened that starting with this

fall, iPod will stop showing off its 70% market share and will have to face stiff competition from a new line of players.

Source: Softpedia

I don't know about you but I am sick of Microsoft's attempts to be bigger and better in everything.
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