Microsoft Windows Vista , Build 5308 32Bit Review

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Hello guys,

Some days ago I have received from someone an install kit of Microsoft Windows Vista , Build 5308 32Bit on a DVD.
Yesterday I could not resist to the temptation of installing Vista so I procede.
Before you start install Windows Vista you have to know that you have to own a minimum 1.5 Ghz processor with a minimum of 512 RAM.
Since the beginning I was quite impress, the graphic is quite futuristic, it has bring me in mind the Mac graphic :)
Before starting the install you are warned that you need to install this window on a partition with 8.5 Gb free. Don't be scares, it not use 8.5 giga. At the end the installation occupied 2.5 giga. :)
This install kit is Beta so as I though, the installation was blocked once, but has continued after 10 minutes of blocked state :)
Once installed, I start to "dig†for new things…but I was overwhelmed. A lot of new things…also directories (how is made My Documents, Windows folder, Control Panel. It has built the antivirus solution that Microsoft bough from the romanian producer RAV (
Anyway, as I say before it's just a beta, it still has problems. For example in my desktop I have 2 network cards, a 3com one and a Realtek one. This window has not recognised the Realtek one…so from this point of view Windows XP is far far better.
It has built the new Internet Explorer7. I have used it, it has tabbed browsing (finally), it looks good (graphically). I was curious if it follows the standards or it follows the steps of the other IE. I have open a site in IE7 and the same site in Firefox….and no surprise. The standards are still not following.
IE7 search by default using MSN search.
I have found also the Synchronisation function…quite nice, I was impressed also by the windows sidebar and gadgets (picture slide shows, news headlines (rss) on sidebar. It has speech recognition built in, windows backup.
After paying around for a couple hours, I uninstalled also because it expires on 14 days.
So, at the end my conclusions are: It look good, it has speed, it have many features built in, definitely on my list is marked as "TO BUY†(of course, this depends of the price).

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