My Experience Mobile Application Development Approaches


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Native App Development

Native mobile app development is fulfilled through specific programming languages, such as Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS. Native mobile apps provide a high degree of reliability and fast performance. Our mobile app development company is skilled in the adoption of native frameworks and technologies.

iOS App Development
We have relevant expertise in working with native iOS SDK and its frameworks. The significant part of our development team are seniors who have professional skills in C, Objective-C, C++, Swift, and XCode development environment. Some of the solutions created include Apple watch and Apple TV app development. Our mobile app development team is very creative, and we develop our own iOS open source products.

Android App Development
Having exceptional Android SDK and Android NDK development experience that goes beyond solely Java programming, we are capable of building powerful apps operating across over 15K various Android devices. Our specialists know how to build highly maintainable and performative apps using the main programming languages such as C++, Java, and Kotlin. The SCAND mobile development team has also developed some open source solutions on Android.

Hybrid Mobile App Development
Our mobile engineers are skilled in building hybrid apps representing the lines of excellent code that ‘wraps’ the existing customer’s web project and extends its functionality on various mobile devices. During the last 7 years, we have completed 100+ projects in the field of hybrid mobile app development.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
Our team has relevant expertise in using HTML5 and JavaScript, Qt, and other flexible and powerful techniques to build cross-platform mobile software. We are also familiar with Xamarin, .NET Framework-oriented platform. Generally, we have more than 5 years of fulfilling cross-platform projects using such tools as AppCelerator, Cordova (Phone Gap), and dozens of other tools to facilitate the mobile development process.

Our own cross-platform EPUB SDK became a starting point for creating EPUB Reader which, in its turn, formed a part of EpubCloud. EpubCloud is a service for hosting and sharing EPUB files using the AWS cloud storage.