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Hello to all!

For those of you who are using mobile phones, I think you should realize something, especially in terms that you are using various apps and websites coming from the owners themselves. When you are using their apps and websites, they are generating revenue from you. It simply means that they are already making money from the sites that you've accessed for good.

But what is the point here everyone?

The point is that mobile is already booming in today's era now, and it's a clear advantage for most of the businesses to gain more exposure with the power of mobile marketing. Did you know that most of us are now using our mobile phones to send and receive messages, calls, playing games, doing Facebook, capturing moments and so on? If we are going to look back several years ago, mobile phones are usually used for basic communication purposes and less on entertainment. I remembered back then that I owned a Nokia 3210, one of the brand's classic models next to the first ever 5110. But years after, it was developed into something more entertaining, and they take their mobile experience to a whole new level. It was now confirmed that most of us are now using mobile phones for most of the day rather than computers, laptops and other gadgets that we have.

What's really interesting is that more people around the world right now are looking to buy expensive touch Android or iOs phones to experience entertainment at its finest. Not only that they are going to use it for calling and SMS purposes, but they are also using it to access the internet, doing social networking like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, downloading and using applications and so on. It simply means that there's a whole lot of room for us to take advantage of this kind of traffic, and that is what we call mobile traffic. Affiliate and internet marketers, and businesses around the world, are now going to explore the world of mobile marketing, and they wanna gain more exposure to their own products and services for good.

The average number of hours that we can use a computer is between 8 to 12 hours in average. When playing famous consoles like the Playstation 4 and XBox One, usually they play between six to twelve hours in a day. But when it comes to using mobile phones, you are using it for mos of the day, like more than 15 to 18 hours. In other words, we should not be relying on the web traffic alone. We should not rely in marketing our products and services on the web alone. As businessmen, we should try to explore other options that could give us massive exposure like no other, and that is simply marketing it through mobile. Let me tell you a story of my friend who is used to have more traffic in both web and mobile.

It was a couple of years ago when me and my friend talked that day via chat. One day, my friend is online and I decided to talk to him. We've talked a lot about internet and affiliate marketing these days, and he told me that he is gaining traffic mostly in the web. But what I am really surprised about my friend is that, he isn't aware of the existence of mobile traffic. So I asked him, "Haven't you tried driving traffic through mobile?". He replied that he is quite familiar to it, but he thought that it is just a waste of time and may not convert very well for his business. But after a few minutes, he told me that he will give time to research more about marketing products and services through mobile traffic.

After less than a day, he told me that he was so blown away that others are already banking tons of money with just mobile traffic alone. Others are saying that their income doubled with the inclusion of mobile traffic. This is where he decided to try mobile traffic, and he's quite aware that it's gonna be a paid one. He is joining several mobile advertising platforms on the internet, and he has enough budget to test his own ad campaigns. After just a few failed attempts, he finally found the campaign that worked, and he made some money into it. He thanked me for mentioning about mobile marketing, and it is something that you should be considering in our respective online businesses for now. This is why mobile marketing is already at its finest, and it's completely dominating. :)

steve taylor

White Belt
Your 2 cents tutorial is good.
Now in a day every online marketing business have a mobile application and it is work nicely.
Every people have a mobile phone and every body surf internet on mobile.
But business application for mobile is play vital role for online business.
If you have only online marketing website then not possible to memories your website every people.
But mobile application is solve this problem once you install in your mobile then no tension memories any website.

Doominic anderson

White Belt
Mobile marketing is very essential these days because almost every person has an android phone(smartphone) who are able to purchase or purchase online products.
It is not possible for any person to always keep in touch with internet through his or her system or laptop,but they can always connected with internet through their mobile.
That's why now every online site is adjustable with mobile to connect with their customers all time.