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Mobile Phone Friendly Directory

According to most research and forecast mobile phone is the next big wild west for the web. The normal computer and other desktop based services are now saturated but mobile platform is fast gathering pace. Apparently smartphone market has just hit the 50% mark, at the moment only smartphone can access website and Internet via the handset. To cut a long story short, mobile is the next big thing. I noticed that there does not seem to be dedicated mobile phone web directory so I have created one, you can easily guess the name : Mobile Friendly Directory.

The site is designed first and foremost to be mobile phone compatible so it will look funny if you view it with your desk top. You are very welcome to suggest your site for listing on the site if you site is mobile phone friendly.

If you have any question or need help with having your site listed, you can contact me via PM. Several categories withing the directory is beginning to attract submission including the mobile phone compatible dating directory section.


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yes, looks very funny (small) on my 24" inch screen.
You should make it so it shows on other devices/screens as well.


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Hey Temi, nice and unique concept. Never thought of a mobile friendly web directory. Now webmasters can do their job from their handsets also..:):)
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