Help Me/Question Most Desired Programming Experience For Resumes?


I'm ready and eager to get these forums alive and active again (at least on the programming end of the website), so I thought I'd start off with an in-depth look at programming languages.

This poses more so as a question, though. My question to you is:

What do you find is the most desired programming experience that employers look for on a resume?

For example, do you find that more companies are looking for people knowledgeable in the C languages and Java? Or is there an increasing demand for Ruby or Visual Basic? Is it based on the state/city/area you live in?

Let's create an open discussion on these things, because as a potential future software engineer, I'm always eager to find out what I need to know. I'm sure others feel the same. :)


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@grumpypants I don't think employers are looking for one desired programming experience in general, rather they are looking for programming experience which relates to the job they are offering or the industry/sector the employer belongs to. On one hand it is true that almost every current programming language has a place in the job market, some have more jobs than others. In the current market, as far as I know .NET has always been green with plenty of opportunities due to the increased investment by companies in their online portals in almost every industry from banking to healthcare. Ruby, perhaps the same amount but it may have more supply than demand, thus lower wages compared to .NET and Java.

Plus you have to consider your own preferences, you don't want to be stuck programming in a language you do not like. Not everyone would like to work with Java, on the other hand some programmers would love to work with Java and nothing else. So, the best thing would be to see what you enjoy doing the most, so your job won't feel like a job at all, and jobs will follow you as long as you get better and better at what you do. None of these technologies, be it Java or VB .NET are going anywhere in the near future, they are actually growing. If you love the gaming or mobile sector, perhaps Java would be the best way to go considering the booming mobile apps industry where almost every big company is investing to produce and maintain their apps in-house. Plus these app building geeks are known to be fun loving creatures. On the other hand if you prefer hardcore programming in C++ or VB .NET for desktop applications and online portals that would be the route to go.

If the job position is beginner level, what most employers will look for is programming skills in any of these current languages and your approach at solving problems and logical thinking which is the foundation of programming irrespective of language. As they say, if you can program in one language, you can easily pick up any other language, it will just be a matter of learning the syntax and specific idiosyncrasies of the new language.


@Solmak That's a really good way to put it. I don't think I could have said it any better myself.

I suppose the biggest issue for beginners is the fact that there are so many choices out there, and one might want to start out with a more booming language than a dinosaur language (COBAL, anyone? Anyone?). For me, I was hooked on C++, but most job offerings in my neck of the woods want SQL, PHP, and Java. I live in a very business-oriented community, so you won't find a ton of job placement for mobile apps or gaming sectors which seem to run off more than just the ones I've mentioned. I believe another issue I face is the idea that there is no entry level programming jobs, which means you're expected to know a set group of languages to even start. It can get overwhelming...

However, like you said, it wouldn't be too great to be stuck with a language you DON'T enjoy. That can get really tedious and boring quick. For example, I tried to take a Python class online over the summer this year, and I gotta tell you... I couldn't stay concentrated! I just didn't like it. Throw me some C++, and you'll never get me away from my computer. :)