My 2 Cents Most Overlooked Factors Of Content Marketing


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To engage potential customers with your business, try to offer “scannable” web content. It may require some practice to create a “scannable” content or post because you would have to understand the point of view of the reader. The content should grab the attention of the reader and influence them to make a purchase or perform an action. Sometimes readers are unable to focus on your content due to distractions on your webpage, avoid placing distracting graphics or text around your content. Your post should have a right combination of headlines, colors, graphics and a user friendly layout to make it interesting. Readers should be able to get the core idea of your content in just three seconds.

Line by Line Reading
More than 79 percent of your website visitors try to scan content by picking up some key words and phrases. Only 29 percent people read line by line. If you want to grab the attention of customers, you should write scannable content. Keep in mind, your audience wants information and not just flowery words. Start with a brief introduction and give a conclusion in the end.

Scan-friendly Material
A scan-friendly article should have the following qualities, such as:
• Paragraphs and sentences
• Bullet points and bold text
• Links to other related content
• White spaces to avoid overcrowding
• Simple language and readable fonts

Take Advantage of Microcontent
Make sure to include microcontent because it will help you to keep the page simple and help your visitors understand your content. This type of content is easy to scan in just 10 seconds. You can instantly grab the attention of your audience.

There should be a headline containing four to ten words to summarize the basic content. Use simple sentences to make it easier to understand. Always use the bold text and give a brief summary of 4 to 10 words in the beginning. The summary should explain the core idea of your content.

Subheadings and Bullet Points
The sub-headings are smaller headlines used to break up the sections and they may contain descriptive words. You can use boldface text to highlight keywords, core ideas, and deadlines. If you want to convert your material in easy-to-understand format, you can use bullet points. These are easy to read and help visitors in “scanning” the content. Make sure to highlight all important points and core ideas in the bullet points.

One Main Idea in Each Paragraph

Long and complicated sentences are not easy to understand. Keep things simple and divide your content into paragraphs. Each paragraph should have only one main idea and use 3 to 5 sentences. You can break a long sentence or paragraph into smaller and simpler sentences.

Use Active Voice
Use active voice not passive as it is easier to understand. Pick a conversational style and write in a way to talk to the people.
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Only your content is going to go forward & will be published in good resources then only will give you desired results. So why not spend good time in creating quality matter instead of just overlooked & copy of someone else. :)


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It's a good concept that we should avoid unnecessary graphics and text while writing and adding the content. However, please explain the scannable.


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It's a good concept that we should avoid unnecessary graphics and text while writing and adding the content. However, please explain the scannable.
@fsdqasmia I appreciate your analysis. The content that is easy to read with all important highlights. The reader can easily have an idea about the content of the article. It contains short paragraphs, bullets, subheadings, headings, bold fonts, images and caption.


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Content marketing is just like creating an article in a newspaper. They should be catchy, in active voice, brief, concise and straight to the point. Readers or target clients will never have the luxury of time reading lengthy and boring content.

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Content marketing is only effective if our content is good and it is capable to get attention of readers, all the points described above helps a lot to create good contents for our website and an effective strategy of marketing may help to get huge crowd with the help of search engines.Adding sub-headings in our content is good point and through it readers can easily understand all the points and it makes easy to read a long article.

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Number lists make it easier for people to scan through the important points in the article. At least when you list the points in number, the reader can skip to the point he wants to read easily.