Tutorial Most Popular B2b Marketplace Script 2017 By Eagle Technosys


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B2b means business to business. It is also known as e-biz. It is used to create online trading website just like alibaba and trade Indian website. It is a World Wide Web service. It can be used by any customer. It is a complete readymade business to business script, which can easily make a clone of any of the B2b website or international trading portals like alibaba, indiamart and many others. It is perfect to start your own top quality trading portal. Start your own b2b trading business, check our open source readymade and fully customize Php based B2B portal script. It is based in PHP and MSQL database.
B2b marketplace script is user-friendly for both buyers and suppliers. It is very easy to use and used to start Online Trading business or Online Trading portal system. It fulfills all your needs and helps you to earn profit. Our company provides 365x24x7 full customer supports. With the help of b2b services customer can buy different types of product for example: Automobile, Garments, and Bicycles etc. Customer can build your own brand just like DHL, UPS and others and beat your competitors now.
It allows you to access and manage your online software from anywhere in the world. Simply login via the password to protect administrative area and update/add things in real time. It is SEO friendly Version service. There is no need to do SEO manually. We have already optimized it to get well rank. It is very fast and quick way. It is a secured service. Customer can manage all our private company data. Our company provide live demo to the customer from company’s website.
With the help of live demo customer can check How to use the services. Our B2b marketplace script allows you to access the online services from anywhere in the world. It is very easy to manage your online services.
There are three B2b marketplace script version :- 1) B2b marketplace script version 3.0. 2) B2b marketplace script version 2. 0. 3) Multivendor marketplace script. Every version has its own unique features.
There is lots of different payment option available. All script is available with affordable prices and paid version. Any international or domestic customer can use our company services.
There is lots of sub-domain available in our company’s website. Heir customer can find his own useful information. It is also provide paid membership. With the help of our company support customer can advertise his own business. It also helps you to generate the revenue. Their customer can check how much profit he gain or loss
It also provides you an internal messaging system weir buyer can talk to the seller directly. Buyer can post his own product requirement weir admin helps the buyer whatever the product he needed is it available or not. With the help of our company services customer can sell any product by just entering the detail’s and upload the picture and also entering the details where the product can be picked. It also provides you an email option where buyer and seller can talk through email. There is one different section is available for ads where all ads can be maintained by admin.
Check here live demo and officially website: