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I had previously posted articles on web 2.0 and web 3.0.The responses were quite similar.When i posted with web 2.0 the response was web 2.0 is finished and web 3.0 is in trend.When iposted on web 3.0 the response was web 4.0 is the current brand in software.This meandering article doesn't really offer muchin terms of defining what these various Web stages are. I'll give it my shot:
Web 1.0 was the Hypertext/CGI Web. (the basics)
- Web 2.0 is the Community Web (for people: apps/sites connecting them).
- Web 3.0 is the Semantic Web (for machines).
Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 are a fork we are moving into now, where one is focused on internet architectures for people/community/usability and the other is focused on internet architectures for machines.
Web 4.0 is when these technologies come together to form what I call the "Learning Web". This is moving more into the area of Artificial Intelligence.The Learning Web is where the Web is actually learning by itself and is a user alongside human users, generating new ideas, information and products without direct human input. This may be possible on a large-scale when more sensors/actuators/semantic structure/ontologies are advanced and in place someday (maybe 10-15 years).


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I don't really know much about these concepts, but I must say they look interesting. Do you have the url for an article where I can read more about it ?
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There is no specific url just go to google search and type in your question with specific keywords for a better search for enhanced search results
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