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My Experience Multiple Domain Names Can Create Unnecessary Flutter - Find Out Why!

Discussion in 'General Marketing and Promotion' started by rahuldas, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. rahuldas

    White Belt

    Jan 5, 2016
    +2 / -0
    If money and popularity start coming in from two different doors of the same room, who doesn’t want to grab it? Now being the owner of two domains which have roots in the same place reminds us of the above mentioned situation. Yes people actually own two domains with the thought that two different domains will attract double the organic traffic. But this obvious calculation has some stupid repercussions. Don’t forget that popular search engines will float both your websites when searches regarding your content are made. So what really is the need for multiple domains? Yes, you can definitely own it for collection and brag about it but remember you are not in a war that you will show your might by the size of your army. You are in a healthy competition in the web-space. So what are the various reasons that should dissuade you from opting for multiple domains?
    1. Well to start with, it’s a complete waste of money. You will be wasting money without any substantial rewards. A domain will cost you 10$ a year and multiple domains mean more money. Rather than investing more money in buying domains, invest in business expansion. Some sure returns, eh?
    2. One of the many reasons why you want to grab multiple domains so that no one can put their teeth on your pie. You will ‘block’ those domains. But what’s the use? Nobody is going to use your name to promote their business. Everybody wants uniqueness. This is not any literary competition. Think rational and let go the idea of owning multiple domains.
    3. There are also some trouble which rakes up if you don’t have good host and server ratings. This may prove to be detrimental in your search engine rankings.
    So this may put you in a fix as to how to choose the domain name. What parameters do we need to keep in mind? Well the answer is simple. Try to stick to the .com extension. People by default are able to relate to .com. Do not hesitate to grab your .com domain. If you can assert on any geographical area through your name, for example www.groceryleedscounty.com, it will cater to people easily. But if you don’t get .com extensions don’t feel disappointed. Go ahead with the next best domain extensions with .net topping the lists.
    There is a multitude of sites which offer the service of selling domain names. bigDaddy has earned enough reputation to be the trusted site. Registering for a domain can be between one to ten years. Register your domain quickly.
    The age of your domain is the ticket to popularity. All major search engines take into consideration the lifetime of your domain for deciding their ranking. So register quickly to increase your time in the market even if your site is going passive.
    If you have identical content, legally, it may not turn into any legal battle. But it is always advisable to chuck multiple domains having the same content to increase integrity and popularity.
  2. Zirkon Kalti

    Yellow Belt

    Dec 10, 2015
    +120 / -0
    I agree with you. There is no need to build so many websites to generate a steady income. You just need to focus on a few websites in niches you are good at. Buying so many domains can be expensive even though many domain registrars offer discount for first year but renewal is going to be expensive.

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