Help Me/Question Multiple Sitemaps, Single Domain - Overlap Penalties?

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I currently have 2 sitemaps (and each of those as xml plus xml.gz equivalent). One is generated from the sites main root, the other is auto-generated by WordPress in the /news/blog/ sub-dir.

The main one I manually generate whenever a static page is added/updated on the site (ie. not under /news/blog/). This means there is some overlap - as the main sitemap.xml also has references to the pages under /news/blog.

I have added all 4 files to google webmaster and it's effectively nearly quadrupling the number of pages it says I have indexed.

So my question is, will Google be penalizing me for duplicate sitemap entries, or is it just happy that I am helping it understand the layout of my site?

ie. do I need to strip out all the /news/blog/* entries in the main sitemap so there is no duplication? Also, should I only be uploading one version of the file .xml or .xml.gz?


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I have never heard of a site being penalised for what you are doing with your site map, I think the worst thing Google will do is ignore one of the site maps if its a duplicate or the other one. For good house keeping what I would suggest is that you just submit one site map instead of two, maybe the manual one is better than the auto generated one.
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