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It's Game Time!

Hello guys!

For today, I am going to share an experience where I truly one of the things I love about content creation. For me, I would really think that this is one of the simplest ways of grabbing and sharing content in a legal way, and you may not be getting into trouble as long you follow the rules of the game. It is all about content curation. In this article of mine, I will be sharing to all of you about my own automated content curation experience. But before that, I would simply tell you on what content curation is all about.

What is content curation?

In my own terms, it is where you are going to discover an interesting content, put it on our respective websites or blogs with attribution or link source included, and share it to the audience on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on. I have seen some sites already like and Feedly that are being used mainly by people to curate content. This is simply the next big thing in terms of marketing our products and services with less effort. In return, it will be generating a lot of traffic not just coming from direct customers, but it may also have a viral effect as well. It will also save your time from tedious minutes or hours of writing informative and engaging content to your audience.

Here's how the content curation process works:

In my own opinion about content curation, I think this was not really designed for SEO purposes. Although it may have a little effect on your site's rankings and visibility on Google, but this was mainly used for social media tactics. As of today, social media is booming right now because of the viral traffic effect. Once you have shared an interesting content to your audience via social media sites, they are going to share it to their own friends, fans and group members as well. It creates a snowballing viral effect that can give you tons of highly targeted traffic once and for all. But most of the content curators right now are just doing it on a manual basis, and I think it took them a lot of time to do this for most of the day.

But what if there's a way we can do automated content curation?

Of course, it's possible! This is what I have been doing right now, and I am gonna share this to you once and for all. I know that there are other internet and affiliate marketers already who are doing automated content curation and been making money with it. I was really inspired of what they are doing, and I really wanted to do the same.

Okay without further ado, here's my own automated content curation experience for good....

In my previous posts, I have been talking about WP Tweet Machine Wordpress plugin by Dan Green and Ankur Shukla. If you wanna know what that simple plugin does, you can check out my previous posts by simply clicking my profile and go to my previous published threads. But hey, I am not promoting WP Tweet Machine and convince you to buy this. I am just sharing this because it has a feature where I can automate the content curation process and if it really works very well on my part. In using WP Tweet Machine, it simply curates information coming from related tweets, hashtags, RSS feeds and videos to my Twitter accounts, and my audience has been growing significantly.

But what I did missed before is that the WP Tweet Machine does have the ability to do automated content curation to my own blog as well for gaining social media exposure as well. In my first two months of using this plugin, I wasn't using the feature of curating posts to my blog, but only on my Twitter account. But when I considered to do this right now, I am seeing great results than before, but not that much. Not only I gain more followers to my Twitter account, but I am gaining real targeted social media traffic as well. The posts coming from my Twitter account are automatically curated into my niche blog. I am also doing it on the other niche blogs that I am gonna create right now. I just need little tweaks now to create powerful money making machines with this automated content curation feature.

This is just my own experience though that I'm sharing, and I hope you guys learned from this. It's not just WP Tweet Machine that does automated content curation, but there are other ones out there too.


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This is a comprehensive material on content curation and a good guide to those who do not know how to do away with writer's block. Plagiarism and lousy materials can be avoided with the use of such technique.