My Experience My First 3 Sales With Amazon Associates


It's Game Time!
What's up WMS community?

Today, I wanna share with you my own screenshot about my first three sales with Amazon Associates just 2 days ago.

Here are my earnings below:

Although it's not that much, but this is what I call a "sweet" moment. I never expected that I earned money with this, until I see it in my own eyes. As an Amazon Associate, you will only earn 4% commission until you reached 7 sales to increase it to 6%. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think their commissions are up to 10%, in which depends on how much sales are we generating through this affiliate program.

The method I am using was simply on complete set and forget autopilot system to my niche blogs. After weeks of struggle, I finally get some results and it's time for me to scale it up now.

Although I'm happy, but not satisfied yet. I wanna earn more than this one guys and gals. Woohoo!