My Experience My First Clickbank Check Experience


It's Game Time!

Hello guys!

As you may know, I love internet and affiliate marketing. I love to share my experience to all of you without any expectations. For today, I want to share my own experience on how I got my very first Clickbank check five years ago. I don't know if anyone here loves hearing success stories in affiliate marketing, but this is the moment that I earned my first money on affiliate marketing. Anyways, here we go!

It was June of 2010, and I was still a fresh graduate in a university. I didn't apply for a job because I used to work as a freelance writer, and a cashier of our family business which is an internet cafe. I did manage my time well by devoting my extra time to do affiliate marketing. I had no idea on what should I do to get started with affiliate marketing. Good thing, a friend of mine from Australia has an idea, and he is willing to teach me how.

I was introduced to Clickbank by my friend and I signed up. After I signed up, my friend coached me about choosing the products with high gravity and on demand. I followed his advice and began my journey. I build an affiliate marketing blog before (now it was long gone), and I focused mostly on reviewing digital internet marketing products. I use Muncheye and CBEngine to search new and popular Clickbank products for me to create product reviews on my affiliate marketing blog.

It was tough for me at first, and I haven't earned money for more than a month, until I got a sale. I just keep reviewing products on my affiliate marketing blog, until I got an average of few sales a month. I was even lucky that I had two customers who ordered a recurring service from my affiliate link, but it didn't last long. I just continue to do it until I reach a threshold of at least $100. But to my surprise, my balance was added due to additional sales that I have from the affiliate products that I reviewed.

I see that my Clickbank account has a pending check coming into my doorstep, and I was so excited. But more than 2 weeks have passed, and I lose my momentum, thinking that the Clickbank check might be lost or stolen because it should arrive within just 2 weeks or less. One day, when I woke up in the morning, my dad called me that I have an envelope from Clickbank. So I was pumped up and excited, and ready to open the envelope.

And guess what.....

It was indeed a Clickbank check! My dad was surprised that I got a check from Clickbank, even if he has no idea about it. But my dad asked if it was legit and a valid check, and I said that we should give it a try by depositing it to the bank.

This is my own picture showing myself holding a Clickbank check five years ago (pretty blurry shot because I was still having old and cheap camera before finally had an iPad):


You know how I feel about getting my very first Clickbank check? It was a memorable moment for me. The amount is not that huge though, I only earned a total of $179.61. It was a decent amount of me, but I really wanted more than that.

Going back to depositing the check, I tried hard to find banks who can accept Clickbank checks. I tried a few banks first, but they denied it and I was so obsessed. They told me that I should open a new dollar account, and it may cost me a lot of money to come up with a minimum deposit amount.

I almost lost hope until one bank finally accepted my Clickbank check, in which I don't need to open an expensive dollar account. Instead, I can open a regular passbook account with them, and the minimum deposit was only $100.

But here's the catch! I need to wait 45 banking days for the check to be cleared via Wells Fargo, so I need to wait a little longer again. However, I stopped promoting Clickbank products until it was proven that the check was legitimate, so my motivation goes down again. After 45 banking days and going back to the bank for verification and waiting for several minutes, finally the money was in!

And I was like this....HAHAHA!


I was so excited and show my updated passbook balance to my dad, and he reacted that it was indeed legitimate. So I used some of my money to treat my family for the first time in a pizza restaurant, in celebrating myself for the first Clickbank check.

I hope you guys are inspired of my experience in receiving my very first Clickbank check. Take action once you have a great idea to make money in legitimate affiliate programs like this. Cheers!