My SEO experiment

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Hello everyone,

Just want to share with you my experiment. I have a sub domain for working reason (, and 1 month ago I decided to use this sub domain for 1 experiment. I install a blog on it. A SEO articles blog. I start to aim this keyword: "seo articles" (page 2 on google from 30.000.000 results -,GGGL:2005-09,GGGL:en&start=10&sa=N) and "seo experiments" (page 1 on Google from 1.400.000 -
I reach these positions in 1 month or so. Anyway this was quite surprising for me, because the result has come sooner then thinks.
Now I want to share with you the technique I used. First of all I insert my experiment in about 5 directories and in about 5-6 forums. Then I have made public the articles on the site trough RSS feed. I have submitted this feed to RSS directories. It seems that this move was the winner one, of course combined by the forum inclusion.
If you want to suggest me some other techniques, let me know.

Best Regards,
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