Myspace Bulletin & Forum Signature Tracking

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Hello everyone, after working together with a programmer we have decided to recode and release the Myspace Bulletin Impression & Forum Signature Tracker Code.

What is it?
Some people sell bulletins as methods of advertising on Myspace. This Tracker/Viewer, is a code you implement into your bulletin by adding a pixel to your bulletin that is not visible to anyone but sends a track back to your web server and puts the number of views into a text file which is located on your hosting account or server.

The Tracker is also affective for Forum Signature Sellers, as it will show how many times your signature has been shown on any forum's you decide to install it into your Signature (using bbcode to install).

If you are interested in the script please visit

We are also working on changing the code over so that it will track clicks as well as views, this will be finished within the next few weeks.

Any questions, feel free.

Warm Regards,
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