My 2 Cents Name 5 Seo Tools You Use Everyday


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Hey guys!
Just wanted to know what tools you are using on a regular basis, and share some of my go-to's.
So this is my top-5 of SEO tools, and you may share yours in comments. It would be great if you could tell about them a little, so it won't be like a simple list.

Google Analytics
I guess everyone who is somehow connected to SEO and online marketing in general should use this tool from Google. It helps you to get all key insights of your website’s performance. Analytics makes it easy to understand how your site users are engaging with your content, so you know what’s working and what’s not. It has a user-friendly interface and lots of different reports.

Google search console
Another great tool from Google that allows monitoring your site's performance in Google Search results. I usually use it in conjunction with GA to monitor website traffic, optimize ranking, submit new content for crawling and remove content I don't want to be shown in search results.

SimilarWeb Browser Extension
It’s a great helper that allows getting in-depth traffic and engagement stats, including monthly visits trend, time on the site, page-views and bounce rate, traffic sources etc. in a single click. I use it every day to find out how popular any website is and get instant knowledge of the top countries visitors come from.

Netpeak Spider
It’s a must-have tool if you do on-site optimization. Netpeak Spider checks 50+ main SEO-parameters and finds 60+ key on-page SEO issues categorizing them according to their severity. I use it to find issues with broken links, duplicate pages, title, meta description, H1 headers, redirects etc., calculate internal PageRank, create and validate sitemaps, and what I like most about it is its custom reports.

My number 1 tool for keyword research and backlink analysis. It has a huge database and an extremely friendly interface which makes it easy to keep track of your competitors’ backlink strategy and find missing keywords you could successfully rank for.

And what is your personal top-5 of SEO tools?


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Google Webmaster Tools
The Free Keyword Tool
Google Alerts
Google Analytics
Multiple URL open
SEO quake
SEM Rush

Nia jax

SEO is incomplete without tools and tools really helps on various ways so I use Google Analytics, Google search console, Mozbar & SEO quake.


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My favorite five SEO tools are Google Analytics tools, SEO Quake tools, Google Keyword Planner tools, Bing Webmaster tools, Google Webmaster tools


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Google Analytics - To track the user behaviour
Search Console,- To track the website performance
Keyword Planner tool - To identify the target keywords
Screaming Frog - SEO Audit Tool
Ahref - To check the backlinks
I am thankful to you that you provided me such information which can be helpful to more and more people.

Basic tools used by me are :
- Google analytics
- SEMrush
- Webmaster tool
- Search console
- Google keyword planner tool