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Need-a-Site! Create your website with us at low prices from £ 250.00

Hosting Avaliable Linux & Window Server 2008

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Hosting Linux £2.00
Hosting Linux £7.00
Hosting Linux £10.00

Hosting Window £5.00
Hosting Window £9.00
Hosting Window £13.00


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Hello there :)

The price tag is good, but personally, looking at your own site, I don't think there's much use in such products.. not to be mean or belittle you at all :)
I think it's great, and I wish you the best of luck.
We offer a similar service but with very different, unique and professional products, and the prices dont come in too much over yours :)

can't really think of any questions to ask, but if you have any for me feel free to ask.

--what put me off the site at first was the revolving cube in the center, In my opinion it really doesn't look right. :rolleyes:
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