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Hello friends. I have been working for some projects from several months and in the first i have had the intentions to get better rankings only on Google. Now i need to rank also on Yahoo and Bing. I have checked my keywords rankings for both search engines and found that i need to do some extraordinary work to achieve my goal. Please suggest me most appropriate and useful tips to rank well on yahoo and bing.


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Hey. Well I it may be difficult for you to rank good in Google and Bing at the same time. Bing likes very optimised pages and strong rich-keyword anchor links. At the same time it is very dangerous to build such links if you want to rank good in Google.

Another big advantage could be exact keyword URL. For example if you type "seo services" in Bing you will see on the first page. But the site does not look so strong.


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You should not think of ranking in both search engines at once. If you are planning to earn from your site by Google Adsense or something like that. You should probably choose Google as the preferable search engine. More than 60% of Web traffic comes from Google towards a site. It is the biggest search engine out there. Hence, you should first rank your site in Google.

All other search engines will automatically rank your site in them. Without the need of you to submit sitemaps or do any kind of stuff. But if you still want to target Yahoo and not Google. Then you should start optimizing your site according to Yahoo requirements.


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To be honest I wouldn't even bother trying to rank in Yahoo and I'd concentrate all your efforts on Google. While there's no reason not to try and rank on both, Google should be the main priority as it will drives through more traffic to your site than all the other search engines combined.

Some even say that if you achieve a high ranking in Google and you can maintain it, there isn't even any need to look at any other search engine and I'm inclined to agree. When it comes to search engines, Google is king.
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