Need help in domain reselling

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I want to buy some good domain names and after increasing their values
want to resell them.But the problem is i am newbie in this field and need some expert help to get the optimal value of money.If you guys have some experience please share it with me.

Thanks for your time


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The business you want to get into is quite interesting and quite old, I am not very sure premium domains are easy to come by this days but they still exist. One of the best was to buy premium domains is to go to domain after market where they auction domain that was not renewed and things like that. Here are some tips to find domains you can sell on for a lot of money:
i. The domain should have as few characters as possible, the less the number of characters the better, for example is more valuable than temitope
ii. Go for domains that has a lot of backlinks. Research to see if the domain has a lot of backlinks, the more backlinks the domain has the stronger hence more valuable.
iii. If the domain has PR that is even better, the higher the PR the more valuable.
iv. check to see that the domain does not have a google penalty.

Once you acquire the domain, you can sell it on immediately or develop a website and sell the website on.

Good luck.
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