Need hospital related film and sound footage

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I'm making another ingame movie, this one will be marketing my site and using games such as Colin McRae Rally 5 and ToCA 2 (providing I can get the framerates up on ToCA). I know that your prolly thinking that there's no possible connection between rally racing and an online community support forum, but you'd be mistaken.

Anyway, I need help getting media such as the following:

- Emergency room sound files of virtually any extension.
- The sound of a heartbeat monitor.
- The sound of a heartbeat.
- Video clips of doctors and nurses in the O.R.
- video clip or still image of someone in traction.

Any and all help will be much appreciated and anything used in the movie will see your name on the credits if desired.

My last movie (now a few years old) was a teaser trailer for a gaming community called Wolf Gaming. It was one of my first and had lots of errors but wasn't too bad for my first official try. It also reviewed pretty well at Virtual War Cinemas which encouraged me to continue making game movies. If interested you can dl the teaser here:
Not open for further replies.