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I am working with many companies and have expands of partners from time to time. and this time I have found the very interesting attractive and reliable-looking dedicated server specialists from UK called

Can anyone be so kind to review this provider? I need to know if this company is really that quality as they seem to be.

Thank you.


I currently use

I run very high demanding bandwidth sites and ram intentsive software.
So offered me Unlimited 250TB Bandwidth for around £120/month.
16GB Ram for half the normal price!

All togther there great, there not very "popular" because people have there minds set on the "best" hosts, but in all honesty i've used stuff like OVH, RapidSwitch.
And there not the best in MY opinion, nothing can possibly beat DediPlanet.
There really amazing.

Support, sometimes depending on the ticket que it can take upto 30 Minutes for a response and/or a resolution.

There always working around customers schedule all PLANNED downtime i.e: updates to switches/new switches. Is always giving a minimum of 4-6 weeks advance.

If you really want a well looked after customer experince aswel as a FAB!! Dedicated server goto DediPlanet.


However they say something about Tier 1 Network or something i have no idea what that is so im afraid i cannot help with that.
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