Hiring with Pay Need Some Serious Designing And Coding Service

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
Hi There,
Yes i want someone who can help me designed and coding for my new website.
Please see the below link before i say anything:

The idea is to make a website (and maybe an app after the website, if it works) that is like a worldwide directory with non professional people (professional people could sign up too but not with the idea of making money) sorted by categories/specialties.

Like when you need an advice in something special and you can't find the information on the web, you can get in touch with someone across the world that can help you or give you some advice for free

You could search for a member by category (domain of skills) or by location and even maybe "around me"

To call someone (Skype, IMessage, PhoneCall, FaceTime) you would need to sign up, fill out in what domains you can help people and how you want to be contacted. So it would need place on a server I guess to have all the members' profiles (Like Airbnb or BlaBlaCar) and to be able to leave comments to the people who helped you

I found a website that is offering such a directory but with certified professionals, it can help you see what I mean, here's the link:


and also two other sites with the same kind of website/app structure I guess:

https://www.blablacar.in (carsharing community)

So, hoping that it is clear enough, if you have some other question, don't hesitate to ask me

Please let me know the cost, time required and a few sample work if you have done previously.

Please PM me or send me a detailed mail to: manish(dot)bryan{at}gmail.com
Please do not post to this thread or you disqualify for the job.

Looking forward to see your responses.
Thank you in advance!
Manish M.