Help Me/Question Need To Know What Is Email Spamming?

Amy Wiley

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I face some problem for email spamming.I need to know if somebody give me his/her email to send data about an item/product and i send him/her the email without an autoresponder is considered spam or unsolicited email? Should i utilize an autoresponder to keep away from spam? I need to begin without an autoresponder.
Continuously try to compose natural messages. Now a days It can go far and secure some vital partners for you. People are tired of managing robots. In the event that you can compose your own mails and on the off chance that you have the necessary time, its better if you do as such. For your situation, it is not considered spamming.


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@Amy Wiley Email Spam is also called as junk email or unsolicited bulk email, which you may factually got hundreds of unsolicited email messages in your spam box. Moreover, autoresponder is something like to generates automatically a set response/reply to all messages sent to a particular email address. It can't help you to avoid from spam emails.


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I have sent spam emails when I was promoting one of my videos on youtube. But my email cannot be considered plain spam since it is a short story of 2 pages of word document. But before the climax of the story, there is the link and the note about a hilarious video if you care to watch. And then the story ends. So how can they say that email is spamming when they got something from it? That video is my most popular with almost 200k views as of now. And it started getting hits courtesy of my spam emails.

Majid Kalani

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Recently I received several spam emails due to my subscriptions for a famous company distributing cosmetic agents. This company provides guarantee for many products specifically for those families who are more interested to purchase their products regularly.

However, I receive their emails almost always in my spam email box. Although the company is famous and can be found easily through searching the net. I do not know, why I receive spam emails from them.

Is their emailing system unknown for searching engines when we mostly receive their messages as spam emails?
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In Gmail there is an option to mark a mail as spam and any future mail from the same mail id would automatically move to spam folder which would be deleted after a specified time interval. I think that would be quite useful in controlling spam. A spam mail could be the first step towards a scam and it is very essential to avoid such mails. As @sunshine has rightly pointed out there is no practical way to deal with spam mails automatically. You need to at least mark it as a spam to prevent its further appearance. But spammers are smart enough to restart their work from another email id.


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Using any software that sends the email bulk is considered spam way. Instead, try to write and compose manually and send to the people willing to have your products really.

Figure out the expected clients or customers before you send them unwanted messages. Be positive and provide complete instructions regarding the service or product.

Pooja Sharma

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The email that you have never requested to receive, you are never interested, when received for unwanted purpose is being listed as spam. The purpose of emails can be for any reason- promotions, selling anything, asking for details, sharing new launched business and many more. This spam emails may never attract the readers and are ignored all times.


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Spam email is also known as the junk email or unsolicited bunk email. It is also considered as a form of commercial advertising which makes use of email since it's budget-friendly for the sender.