Net-Ready PSP for Korea

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Online gaming and streaming content available to Korean PSP fans at launch

According to Korean sources, Sony is partnering with major Korean wireless ISP KT Corp to release an online-ready PSP in the country on 2 May..

Unlike Japan and the US, Korean gamers will be able to download and stream exclusive content and play online games from the very beginning of the handheld's lifecycle.

Costing 328,000 won (£171) Koreans will be limited to the value pack bundle, with contents much the same as the US pack, except with a few differences.

The first 100,000 Korean PSPs will come with a Network Utility UMD and a limited-time membership for KT Corp's wireless internet service NESPOT. As with the US launch a UMD movie of Spider-Man 2 will also be thrown in for early adopters.

Users who register with NESPOT will gain access to 14,000 wireless hotspots and can also get NESPOT access points installed in their houses for no extra cost.

Services for those registered will include on-demand streaming music, videos and TV shows, e-learning options and electronic books. Users will also get a free online-enabled game developed by Sony called Glorace.

While the first month will be free, an on-going subscription to NESPOT will set Korean gamers back 5000 won (£2.62) a month, pointing to a subscription only online service for the console in other regions too, including the UK - a disappointing factor considering online gaming with DS will cost nothing.
Why does it seem that foreign countries gett all the gaming stuff ahead of the USA?! Is it because China is like the head of the Technology Industry???
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