Never Leave Habit Of Reading.

Pooja Sharma

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Reading is something that should never be left. It is always good to gain knowledge about some or the other thing.I have learned that reading helps you forget your problems. Make it your habit of gaining knowledge about everything.You don't get time for sitting idle and thinking about negative things. It gives a different kind of workout rather than watching TV or gossiping.


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Yes your suggestion is right.
If you want to gain more and more knowledge in any topics or subject then priority of reading is number one.
Due to you get details study or deeply study of any subject with the help of good books.
Technology is a option but it is limited. Its not afford by all people.

Doominic anderson

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Reading is really a good habit because the more we read more we get, if reading includes in our daily routine then everyday we have a chance to get something new and it is necessary for everyone and specially for them who want to be more successful in their life. In this highly competitive world we have to get knowledge everyday if we want to survive.


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yes you are absolutely right i am strongly agree with you thanks for the great suggestion we should follow this