Help Me/Question New affiliate programe: would you participate?

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I need your advice.

We are developing an Expedia-like Shipping service (named Smailex).
In short, it collects quotes of many couriers and helps a user to find the best one that fits his needs and saves money.
As you understand, our target audience is any individual who sends a parcel at least once a year.
A little bit more info here:
The service will be released in October the 2012th.

Now, we are thinking about creating some affiliate program for web-masters. We are ready to pay some fixed price for each client that buys shipping on Smailex.
Our own monetization is based on a commission that we have from couriers (Fedex, UPS, others). So, we can afford to pay about 2$ for each sale generated by a webmaster.

The question is: whether it's an interesting deal for web-masters or not. And Why.


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I think you scheme sound interesting and webmaster with site in your niche will be quite happy to resell your services. Personally, I find it interesting. To make it even more attractive to sign up, make sure you signup process is really easy. Good luck
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