New Breed of Searchengines That Will Defeat Google

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In the past, at first, the only way consumers were able to find a shopping website was through an internet directory like the Open Directory and Yahoo.
But, searching through Categories and Sub-Categories and Sub-sub-categories etc. was not much convenient to the consumer.
Lucky for us, this all changed when the search-engines, like Webcrawler came on the screen.
No need to click links after links going through Categories etc. any longer as you can simply type in your desired key-word and walla you are presented with appropriate links with their webpage descriptions.
But still, you had to click a link on a search-engine's search result page and visit a website before you could even read about your sought product or view it's image.
But now, thanks to "Product Search-engines†like Froogle, you don't have to click-through to a link on a search-engine's search result page to read about a product's description or view it's image as it's search result pages are not buried with different website descriptions but provide the relevant details (products' descriptions and images) you are searching for.
So, no more clicking through to a website just to read their products' descriptions and view their images.
In my opinion, sooner or later, shoppers would stop using traditional search-engines when they are shopping for products. I think, traditional search-engines will only be used for other stuffs such as finding websites related to commercial or non-commercial services, non-commercial stuffs, hobbies, education, chat, communities, etc.
The best amongst "Product Search-engines†are those that provide a product's "price comparison†from different websites. This is a great convenient for shoppers who are on the look-out for the website that offers the "lowest price†for a certain product.
Some of the popular "Product Search-engines†are,,,
At present, it seems to me that for online shoppers the "Product Search-engines†are more a valuable tool to online "Product Consumers†compared to Internet Directories, Traditional Search-engines, Pay Per Click Search-engines, Pay Per Impression Search-engines, Pay Per Lead Search-engines, Pay Per Action Search-engines and Product Review Search-engines.

But the "Product Search-engines†may lose the race if a new breed of search-engines come on the screen which show not still images of products like the "Product Search-engines†but spit-out a list of "streaming video†or "video clips†available for download that review the sought products. As a consumer, wouldn't you prefer to view a "vide-clip†with an "audio and video review†of a product rather than view a "still image†with no reviews but only the product's text-description ?
If the answer is a clear "YESâ€, then you can pretty much have a hunch how much traffic your website is likely to get should you be the first to launch such.
My guess is, this new breed will even out-run the "Product Review Search-engines†that simply provide descriptions of products with images along-side their review.
If you think this breed will out-run the other types of search-engines on the internet then please drop me a line as I would like your opinions and suggestions.
On the other hand, if you think that some other type of search-engine will be even more popular then do not forget to mention this also.


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I think you post is very interesting but I cannot really see any of the new engines beating Google, remember before you beat Google you will have to beat Yahoo, MSN and other smaller engines at this moment in time I cannot see a serious contented to beat Google apart from the two closest rivals which is Yahoo and MSN (in terms of technology)
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