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Hi All,

I came accross this a few weeks ago and I thought I would share it with you guys here since it seem like Web Prosperity is taking the online world by storm!

WebProsperity, is a new online business that is currently in prelaunch. That means that people who sign up now (for free) will be able to achieve a top position in the company. This is for serious entrepreneurs only, and is targeted at seasoned internet marketers.

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Our team will have access to an exclusive, password protected marketing website, packed with tools, training, resources, free online marketing ideas, video tutorials on web20/social networking, team coops, webinars, the best upline support you have ever had, and much more! :)


Can you tell me a bit more about WebProsperity. The concept seems rather attractive but im not 100% entirely sure how it operates and how it is going to help marketing websites.

Also can you fill me in a bit more on:MLM programs

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