New serach Engine Launch

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Yellow Belt
Hello All,

With the launch of new search engine by can it be a thread to the 3 major search engine?

Natalie Wrens, Public Relations official of say and I quote "We are committed to build a reliable, searchable index while reducing spam and other undesirable pages within our results. Our focus is indexing quality web sites instead going for a large index of spam and doorway pages." And he conclude by saying "Navisso will never push official web sites or keyword domain names to the top unlike other search engines. We believe relevancy is more important than boosting official web sites or keyword domains.
An example would be an official web site versus a content rich information site including latest news, product information, forums or how-to's. Content-rich sites simply contain the better information than official (default) web sites."

Navisso Search is currently only indexing web sites written in English, International Users we have to wait till the International versions launch.

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