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Yellow Belt
I bought Kanye West : The college Dropout

Kanye West is awsome, he raps much better than most people that are out there now


Yellow Belt
damitt! I posted in here but it's all been lost since the server crash!

Oh well that just gives me the oppurtuinity to talk about music some more..!

I recently bought another copy of the second album of the best band around at the moment British Sea Power having left my first copy in someones laptop in Toronto! That was the last album i bought and the last single was a rare copy of their first CD (the only one ever released on their own record lable!) As there's only 500 i've been trying to get hold of this for ages and finally i managed to grab it for a bargin on Ebay. When they go on to be the next rolling stones i will be sitting on a small fortune, not that i'd ever consider selling it!
I also bought a Clash documentary on DVD becuase the clash rule!


I recently bought Gorrilaz (Demon Days) they are a kick-ass electronica band/alternitive/soul/rmb.

Sir Poppin

Havent bought A cd for a long time...
last song I downloaded = Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz
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