Nintendo Gamecube Criminal Convicted

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Staffordshire shop owner has been ordered to serve 240 hours community service and pay £3,310 in court costs, following his conviction for video game piracy.

Stuart Eardley was sentenced by the Honourable Judge Orrell at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court on 13th February. He was targeted
as part of a joint operation by ELSPA, Staffordshire Trading Standards and the local Police back in 2005 for manufacturing and selling pirate games.

His shop ('Media Weeble') and his home address were searched by officers revealing 220 copied Nintendo GameCube discs, along with a number of pirate PS2, Xbox and PC discs. It was the first time ever that ELSPA had seized pirate Nintendo GameCube discs.


This guy must have some problems. If I understand the situation, he has sold pirated games. He diserved to be caught, but the money he has to pay is quite few.
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