Fun Nintendo's Newest Console


Is anyone looking forward to Nintendo's newest console?

Supposedly, they're going to be running games at 900p resolution. It's been all over my Facebook today, so the news must have broke recently.

Any thoughts on this new console coming out? I'm hoping it doesn't end up being as poor as the Wii U. :/


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Nah I didn't hear this news. My last Nintendo console was the GameCube that was an awesome console.


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I don't think this is a good move by Nintendo to be honest. Instead of holding on to this generation with the Wii U and then coming out with a great console that will beat the PS5 and the next Xbox out of the water, they have decided to create a console which might only rival the PS4 and Xbox One at best. Therefore, I am sure that if these rumors are true then I will not purchase Nintendo's next device.


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I haven't heard about it, but I want to test it first before getting one. Since there is a lot which is similar to this one.