NON-US merchant accounts?

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After auditing the European offers (for France and Austria), I found several providers (AtosOrigin for France and Mpay24 for Austria). Anyway, these providers cost more than any US third party providers (average of 10% per transaction + €0.5).

I was wondering:
  • Would it be better to open an US bank account to be able to get a US merchant account? If yes, how? Who should we contact? Is this legal?
  • Would it be better to continue with third party payment gateways and wait the opportunity, in a near future, to switch to a better EU offer (as soon as it will be available) ?
  • Is there any other EU alternatives I am not aware of?

This question is, I guess, a redundant question to all NON-US businesses. Some countries may offer interresting alternatives to their customers but here, in EU, it seems there is still a lack of offers.
Maybe I wasn't able to find the good providers and some members here already found the beauty pearl.

Please share your lucky finds. :D


you could check with chronopay,secpay, multicards ect, they serve Europe.


Things have changed

I am a small merchant from UK and was looking for same opportunities like WEBDOMAIN bit i think now the things have changed and now there are some service providers who offer good rate .
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