My Experience Not An Easy Game For Me To Play With Affiliate Marketing


It's Game Time!

What's up ladies and gentlemen?

For today, I am now going to share an experience that you might relate to yourself. I really don't know if you are an affiliate or internet marketer, but at least this can help you learn how tough it is to become an affiliate marketer. Without further ado, I would like to tell you my own personal experience on why it is not that easy to become an affiliate marketer once and for all. Although it is a simple thing to do like "Join, Earn and Promote", but how come that getting the results we want in life isn't going to be easy as it gets. But before that, I want you to give a little reality about affiliate marketing first.

As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to simply promote products to targeted prospects or customers and earn commission for every sale. It's kinda simple, you know? But the truth, it's not. The reality of affiliate marketing is that you need to go over some little tweaks that are quite effective and can generate you some sales once and for all. In other words, it needs you to learn from the basics to the advanced tactics. The first one that really matters right now is the ability to market the product to your prospects or customers. No matter how beautiful your website is, you can't simply make a good conversion rate without learning the ability to market your products. I can tell you that from my own experience. I admitted that I still have the lack of marketing ability in the online world. Despite that I know how to sell physical products to my local offline customers, but the online world is different and challenging, and exciting as well.

The second factor is that the design of your website, blog, squeeze page, landing page or sales page really matters. No matter how great the product you are promoting as long your website has an ugly design, you will also not be converting very well in your possible sales. Finally, the last factor that I want to identify is the quality and value that the product is going to give to its customers. So no matter if you are having a beautiful website and with excellent marketing abilities but the product doesn't deliver expectations, for sure it will not gonna work too. These three factors are very important in terms of playing in the world of affiliate marketing, even in a difficult level.

Okay going back to my own experience back then until now....

It was really tough for me in the first place when I started affiliate marketing. I simply published my first ever affiliate marketing review blog when my friend Daniel Lew advised me to do this. But he did have something to tell me back then, which was simply that affiliate marketing is not going to be an easy ride. I definitely need to endure all of the struggles, obstacles, challenges and rejections that I will receive as what he had said to me, and frankly I am prepared for it. So I was really motivated to start things off by simply making review articles at least once a day, and they are fully optimized for good. Yes it was a tedious work back then, but it doesn't stop me from getting my first ever Clickbank commission. I was promoting Clickbank products back then, and I choose the products that are in high gravity and best sellers too.

I really don't mind how many am I writing, as long I am very motivated during that time. Weeks had gone by and I still don't have affiliate commissions, and I am on the verge of giving up. But Dan said to me that I will never give up, because I am already there and can make a difference. I trusted him and I keep going, so for almost a month of no commissions, I finally got one and that is from a recurring product. I am so happy that I got my first ever commission on Clickbank, and I finally figured out the reason why I didn't have much commissions that time. So I just keep learning, implementing, failing, assessing, and trying again.

Right now since I am back on the game, my situation now is just like who I am years ago when I was still not earning yet, but this time I have experience, automation tools and can create lots of ideas. So for me, affiliate marketing isn't an easy game for all of us. Treat this like a real business guys.