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My Suggestion Notch Up The Value You Earn From Your Domain Name!

Discussion in 'General Marketing and Promotion' started by rahuldas, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. rahuldas

    White Belt

    Jan 5, 2016
    +2 / -0
    Domain name actually generates a lot of money and people intently expect that their domain name will return heavy bucks. But they often end up either losing money or gaining scant returns. End result? A low money affair! So what makes your domain a valuable asset in the web market and sought-after potential? Well it’s nothing but the correct valuation of your domain name in the market. So how can you increase the value of your domain name in the market? Here are 3 quick steps which will help you increase the value of your domain.
    Privacy Protection
    Now privacy protection means you can conceal the contact details and assets of your domain from the web market and potential investors. So, how can it help to increase the value of the domain in the market? Obviously it will make the domain name scarce and scarce things always demand a hefty price. Bigwigs and large investors always advise domain registrants to have privacy protection as their assets remain extremely open to the market and accessible all the time. Having protected assets makes your domain a sought after one. But then keeping your assets concealed can result your loss as investors can’t reach you. If you want the investors to reach and invest money for your domain you need to strike a perfect balance between total availability as against non-existence.
    Enlist Professional Help
    There are many firms/industries or organizations who provide insight about the market from their experience. They are known as After Market Websites. They study the market well and their proximity to wide array of domain and websites make them an asset. They can recommend you about the possible value of your domain and how much money your domain is going to attract. But we may get confused that how will we choose these experts. If they turn out be cons? Well, this is an obvious apprehension. So before jumping into this domain bandwagon have some pre-requisite knowledge about the market. It is important to know what type of investors can be interested in your type of domain. You have to look into what sphere your domain fits in. By this you can select the required professional help.
    Enlisting Brokerage Services
    So how you actually sell your domain name? These After Market websites can be an option. But they have a huge database to deal with and your domain is just a minute share in that database. So, quite often investors fail to see your domain. Potential investors are lost. Unless and until you are very lucky that investor’s eyes fall on your domain. So how can you make sure that your domain gets noticed?
    Get hold of a broker. Yes, brokers provide a personalized service. They do not disclose the bidding amount of your domain which doesn’t happen for After Market Websites. They personally take your domain to potential investors who are interested in your type of domains. There remuneration is also quite less than the AMW.
    While you create a domain try to maintain a balance in the market. Increase the value and understand the behavior of the market to get a taste of its sweetest fruit.
  2. dcristo

    Yellow Belt

    Dec 17, 2015
    +37 / -0
    Privacy protection increases the value of your domain name? Lol what? It makes it impossible for potential buyers to contact you if they are interested.

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