Obama and McCain final debate

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Barack Obama and John McCain are set to face each other in the final televised debate before the US presidential poll.
With just three weeks to go before the election, Mr McCain badly needs a victory on Wednesday to dent Mr Obama's growing lead in the opinion polls.
The third debate is likely to centre on the state of the US economy, and both candidates revealed new economic rescue plans in the past few days.



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I think these debates are not really helping people at this point. they are just rehashing the same issues over and over again. getting boring to me to be honest


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From what I saw of it, Obama was thew clear winner. He looked cool while McCain looked rattled.

Could have sealed the election for Obama, I think ...


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Whatever debates are done, In my opinion, Obama will be the next president of USA. He is new, fresh spirit, not afraid with the challenges of the moment. I think he could also be a good partner for foreign leaders to show the power of America, without giving the impression of being rude. Apart from this, he's also the right man to bring back better economy and a better society.



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It is no doubt that Barack Obama will be President for America. He is well-educated and well-spoken. He has great ideas and conveys the charm and diplomacy to unify the nation. Barack is not only a African decent, but also he is most qualified candidates of the election. Also he has strong ideas for changing the nation from incompetent mismanagement of Bush.



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Obama is elected as the 44th president of America. He made the history by winning this election that he is the first African American president. Congratulations to Obama and best luck of America under new presidency.

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