Official Catwoman Game Guide Excerpt

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Prima Games, the people behind all the EA GAMES official guides, were kind enough to send us a bunch of invaluable tips and hints for getting though Catwoman with all your nine lives. While these tips will get you through a small portion of the game, they won't get you all the way through.

Sensuality Moves
Catwoman can acquire two moves that put her extreme feline sensuality to good use. When deployed in combat, these moves cause enemies to either engage in a foolhardy display of testosterone, or become so entranced by Catwoman's beauty they can hardly lift a finger against her. The sensuality moves also moves help Catwoman satisfy the Pussy Cat requirements of each level.
Catwoman oozes sex appeal, even while putting the hurt on enemies. After you purchase Pose, use this move to incapacitate enemies with sensuous moves and come-hither eyes. Security guards and thugs caught under Catwoman's spell (signaled by a red halo) are temporarily unable to attack; giving Catwoman either an opportunity to escape and lick her wounds, or go on the offensive and finish them off.
Before Catwoman took to the streets, it was a man's world. And some men just can't accept the new pecking order. Use Taunt to work your enemies into a full-blown tizzy. Angered by Catwoman's Taunt, they run at her in a rage. This brings trouble close, but Catwoman has a tactical advantage when her attackers are blinded by their anger.

Cat Fighting
There are four advanced cat fighting moves you can purchase to upgrade Catwoman's offensive capabilities. When used in combat, these attacks help complete the Wild Cat and Scaredy Cat requirements of each level, helping you access the secret Vault contents.
Even seen a cat rear up on its haunches just before a ferocious pounce? With lightning-fast reflexes, cats subdue and catch mice or other small creatures. Catwoman's prey are bigger than rats, but they still behave like rodents and the concept is the same.

When an enemy is out of reach for a whip attack, or is unaware of Catwoman's presence, hold the Jump button and flick the left analog stick in the direction of the target and watch the resulting takedown. When the enemy is surprised by the quickness and ferocity of the attack, Catwoman can use her close-range moves to finish him off.
Catwoman can smack a guard around with her bullwhip, toying with him like a mouse. To put real fear into him, try out the Neck Whip. When an enemy is nearby, press the right analog stick in his direction (without holding down the Cat Moves button). The whip lashes out and wraps itself around the target's neck, automatically pulling him in close.

Catwoman has a multitude of choices: She can toss the guard away, and then rush up for another attack -- if there are other thugs around -- she can fling the ensnared in their direction for an easy takedown and score Domino bonus points.

Weapon Removal
Some boys just can't play nice -- they must have their toys taken away. After this special move is unlocked, there is no need for additional button inputs -- it's completely automatic. If an enemy rushes up to Catwoman with a weapon, whip the enemy to yank the weapon from his hands and earn points.

Grapple Kick Flick
he Grapple Flick Kick is one of Catwoman's most effective -- and sassiest -- moves. Used in conjunction with the Neck Whip, this special attack allows Catwoman to yank an enemy close to her, then kick him away with a double-heel to the chest. To use this move, first draw an enemy in with the Neck Whip. Then, while holding the enemy close, use the left analog stick to make Catwoman kick him. If you want to impress the other cool kitties, use the Grapple Flick Kick to hurl an enemy into a trap. You'll likely be rewarded with a Wild Cat.

Feline Specialties
Finally, Catwoman has three clever kitty moves that give her the upper paw in dangerous situations. These moves may be expensive, but they prove their worth in combat.
Animals are known for their acute sense of smell, but Catwoman can sniff out more than a tuna fish dinner. When surrounded by thugs, she can use her Smell Fear sense to zero in on an enemy harboring second thoughts about scrapping with this kitty.

To use Smell Fear, enter Hunting Mode. Catwoman automatically sniffs out the weakling in the group, identified with an easy-to-spot yellow low. If you mercilessly toy with this enemy, you'll earn a Scaredy Cat.
After you heighten Catwoman's feline sensibilities with this skill, she can use her cat's eye to scope out trouble. Advanced Cat Sense allows Catwoman to spot enemies through walls, giving her advance warning of an upcoming fight. She can then choose the best plan of attack, or plot a route to avoid danger.


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I heard the Catwoman movie sucked, I woulda seen it just for Halle Berry in tight leather, *ahem* So I doubt I'll be playing the game


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Lol. Yea to me catwoman sucked on ice.. It really had no point to make a movie! But in halle berrys case.. Yea that tight leather was schweeet :)


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Yeah, and Garfield sucked too, though it did better than catwoman.. Halle Berry took a fall in her career against the animated cat :eek:
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