News/ Info Olympics Not Necessarily Good For London Businesses?

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Yellow Belt
Retailers in Central London may lose out rather than gain from London Olympics 2012 according to retail figures released by Experia.

The number of people going to stores on Friday ahead of the opening ceremony was 10.4% lower than a year ago, said research group Experian.
It added that customer footfall levels were 11.7% down on Saturday.

A London coach business owner speaking on Radio 4 programme call you and yours said many of her coaches are not able to transport their passengers to their destination as most of their normal parking bays are reserved for Olympics vehicles.
Shopping and other activities in Central London are expected to be sub due until after the Olympics as regular shoppers are avoiding central London because of fear of traffic chaos the Olympics is expected to cause.


Yellow Belt
I think this is the result of worldwide economical disaster. Most of the countries in Europe was victim of that crisis, along with England.
So i think the effect of that has come to Olympic as well.
its really a sad thing.
The whole thing was hyped up, yeah the Olympics are good to watch but from what I can tell people have lost out. There was an undercover documentary done on how tenants were being priced out of their London flats in order for landlords to rent to foreign visitors.

All the buzz being made about the Olympics that was spread was done by the tourist board and it caught on quickly. It's a shame because it makes the general public ignorant to the small people who get done over.
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