On the lookout for the perfect Avatar Virtual Assistant creating Software

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I was wondering if anyone knows about any perfect Avatar software that can satisfy my needs. Let me tell you all what I want to do so you can all can understand my mind.

I have about 1000 Plr text articles.
I had in mind to create one webpage per article on my website. Result : 1000 articles/webpages on my website.
But then I thought that, in order to stand-out from the crowd, it's best if each of my articles were read-out to my website visitors instead. This way, people won't have to read the articles but they'll hear them instead. Now to do this, it requires me to create an audio file for each article. Result: 1,000 audio files.
But then I thought that, since the internet-world is "Video-Crazed†then it's better if my website visitors actually see someone reading the articles to them from my website. I had intention to get someone to sit in-front of a digital camera and read the articles where I'll then upload the video files to my website.
Result : From my website visitors' point of view, it would seem as if someone from a "news studio†(like CNN, BBC, etc.) is reading "Information Articles†to them.
But as you know, to keep up with the internet race, I'd have to be constantly updating my website with new articles and I can't afford to hire people every single time to read the articles in front of a microphone or digital camera in order to create the audio/video files.
I, myself, am not suitable for the task.
Anyway, I came across a website called sitepal.com. They will allow me to open an account with them where I can use my account to create/design my "Avatar Virtual Assistantâ€. They also have a feature called "Text to Speechâ€.
Now, I can either record my own voice or use their "Text to Speech†feature to have my "Avatar Virtual Assistant†read-out my articles to my website visitors in real-time.
I thought that, this feature is what I need. This is because, from now on, I won't have to have a real person reading my articles to my website visitors. Which means, everytime, I create a new article, I won't have to spend money paying someone to read it in front of a microphone or digital camera to create the audio/video file.
I can simply, upload my new text article to my sitepal.com account and they'll convert it to some file and host it on their streaming-server and give me some code to put on my website to point to that file on their streaming-server.
Result, when people come to my website, they'll see an "Avatar Virtual Assistant†(like some websites have "Avatar Virtual Assistants in their IM/Chat Rooms) reading my articles to them.
This is really good because now I can edit each of my article files unlimited times and create unlimited article files in real-time without having to hire someone and wait for him/her to spend time reading and creating the audio-video files aswell as never have to worry about paying them each time.
But, do you know what the downside of sitepal.com is (according to my needs/taste) ?
They don't allow me to stream the files in my own streaming-server or create any recorded files for me to upload to my website so that my website visitors can download them to their PCs to view offline later.
This means, I'll have to pay SitePal for each stream. A lot of my money would be spent on streaming-bandwidth which I'm not happy about.
You see, had they just given me the files then I would have hosted them on the free streaming hosts and have no streaming bandwidth cost atall. I don't like to worry about streaming bandwidth cost.
So, does anyone have any solution for me or know of anyone who has ?
I mean, do you know of any Avatar Creating software where I can :
1. use it to design the Avatar (like they allow us to design our Virtual Assistants in SitePal);
2. feed it my text files for the software to turn them into an appropriate file that when uploaded on my streaming server or normal webserver it will either show my Avatar Virtual Assistant reading to them (Text-to-Speech) in real-time (streaming) or allow my website visitors to download the video files to their PCs to view later.

Anyone any suggestion ?
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