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Hi everyone, I want to represent one of the best ways of earning plenty of money online! The first advertising network of push notifications is! is an established AD network providing qualified
The platform has a convenient filter system, for example, we can choose OS, GEO, device, time of start and stop of campaigns, and many other filters too. For publishing ads in we need to charge our account minimum $100.

What verticals we can advertise:
•Binary Options

Strong points:
• Traffic from all countries
• Detailed target settings (OS/platform/country/browser/ISP)
• The system works according to the CPC model
• The minimum price is 0.001 $ per click
• Full tracker (no need to use third-party trackers)
• Support 24/7
• Moderation 24/7
• Daily free cases
• Simple and intuitive interface
• Referral program (3%)
• More than 12 million clicks per day

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